Discovering the region

of El Bierzo

From Fogar Mozárabe we propose the following cultural and scenic route through our region.
A route to enjoy starting from Peñalba de Santiago of essential places in your visit.


If there is one place that surprises and impresses in El Bierzo, it is the land of Las Médulas.
It is the largest gold mine in antiquity, a display of Roman engineering.
A beautiful route begins from the town of Las Médulas, to explore emblematic galleries and caves.
From Orellán you will discover an incredible panoramic view next to the Orellán gallery, the largest of them all.


In the old city of Ponferrada, it's time to stop at its majestic Templar Castle.
It was erected by the Order of the Temple, the most powerful military crusade of the Middle Ages.
Its walls have been the historical scene of numerous warlike conflicts, from the times of Alfonso XI until the War of Independence.


La Herrería de Compludo is quite a surprise, an excellently preserved national monument.
It is hidden in the depths of the Compludo valleys, at the junction between two streams.
In this unique medieval corner, a grandson and son of blacksmiths takes us on a curious journey through time.


The beautiful castle of Cornatel is located very close to Las Médulas, it is a great complement to the visit of the Roman mines.
The castle sits on a rocky promontory cut by a ravine of more than 200 meters.
The views from inside are pure vertigo.


The stately Villafranca del Bierzo is one of the most charming places on the Camino de Santiago.
Decadent and dormant, the city appears as a shadow of what it came to mean during the Middle Ages.
We recommend that you start in Calle del Agua, full of medieval palaces, and end in the Alameda or Plaza Mayor.


La Fábrica de la Luz is a cultural space where coal is the main actor throughout its journey.
It is located in the old thermal power station of the Minero Siderúrgica de Ponferrada.
The visit is an exciting journey on electricity from coal and the society of the mining basins.