Place of hermits,

nature and silence

Peñalba de Santiago is a village in the Bercian mountain with a unique medieval architecture.
Its houses revolve around the Mozarabic church, a jewel preserved since the 10th century.
It is a place full of historical significance, art and rural tradition in the center of the so-called Tebaida Berciana.
We are at the foot of the Aquilian Mountains, an environment for disconnection historically used by anchorite monks.
From Peñalba de Santiago you will discover places as magical as the Cave of San Genadio and the Valley of Silence.
Its mountain routes allow to know the roman channels and the Monastery of San Pedro de Montes.
Peñalba is also a perfect place to savor Bercian gastronomy. You cannot leave without trying the peppers and botillo from La Cantina!

Peñalba de Santiago is linked to Ponferrada by two mountain roads that are covered in about 40 minutes.

The traditional road crosses the valley of the river Oza, surrounded by ancient trees and numerous waterfalls.

The new road starts from the town of San Cristóbal de Valdueza and reaches impressive views of the Aquilian mountains.

We recommend taking a circular tour. It is more comfortable to go up the new road and go down the traditional Oza Valley road.

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In Peñalba it is possible to park in the free parking at the entrance.

Getting oriented in the village is very simple, their houses are all arranged very close together around the Mozarabic church.

Fogar Mozárabe is recognizable by its large holly, as well as by the sign on the side.

Peñalba de Santiago

Valley of Silence

Mozarabic church (S. X)

Spring time in Peñalba de Santiago - Casa Elba, 2019