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The route to the mystical Cave of San Genadio is essential to know the natural environment that surrounds us.
San Genadio, hermit founder of the Peñalba monastery, spent his last years of life in this cave during the 10th century.
It is a short and easy route, in the heart of the Valley of Silence.


through the valley of hermits

The Tebaida Berciana is probably the best known and most characteristic route in El Bierzo.
It is a unique walk, in which you can discover on foot the monastery of San Pedro de Montes surrounded by mountains and ancient forests.

La Tebaida is a circular route that should be planned as a half-day excursion, lasting between 6 and 8 hours. 

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The path that connects Peñalba with the old mill of the village is a little known route but of special beauty.
Upon reaching the mill we will find numerous waterfalls surrounded by vegetation, in a corner of unspoiled beauty.

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These mountain routes allow you to admire the region of El Bierzo in almost its entire extension.
They are the most demanding, but the panoramic view from the peaks makes the effort worthwhile.
There are several ascents that take us to the different peaks: Cabeza de la Yegua (2142m), Pico Tuerto (2051m) or La Aquiana (1846m).

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The roman canals invite you to walk through an archaeological site of immense proportions, built by the Roman Empire.
These canals, which end at Las Médulas, are a vestige that has remained hidden under the undergrowth and the passage of time.
In some sections you can glimpse the evolved technique to transport the water with which the gold was extracted in Las Médulas.